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Emission Difference by Year

Emission difference by year allows us to compare the yearly emission difference.
In this graph also, the increase ratio from previous year is shown.
The graph displays the emission difference by year, offering a comprehensive view of the changes in emissions over time. At the top right of the graph, clients can toggle on and off each year to focus on specific periods and observe the variations in emission levels.
Clients have the flexibility to apply filters to further analyze the data. They can choose to view emission differences for specific facilities, scopes, or categories by selecting the relevant options. This enables them to examine emission changes in specific areas of their organization or based on different criteria.
By interacting with the graph, clients can gain insights into the magnitude and direction of emission changes over the years. They can identify years with significant emission reductions or increases, assess the effectiveness of emission reduction strategies, and identify areas for improvement.
The graph's interactive nature allows clients to explore the emission differences across different years, facilities, scopes, or categories, providing valuable insights for decision-making and sustainability planning.