GHG Intensity


Welcome to the Carbon Emission Visualization Module at carbonze.com! This innovative tool is designed to help you understand the carbon footprint of buildings in a comprehensive and interactive way. Here, we break down the carbon emission intensity, offering insights into CO2 emissions per square foot, per person, and emission intensity per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed.


Carbon Emission Intensity of Buildings

Visualize the overall emission intensity, measured as the equivalent of CO2 emissions per square foot of building area.

CO2 Emissions Per Person

Understand the impact on a per-capita basis, offering a more personalized view of carbon footprints.

Emission Intensity Per kW of Electricity

Assess how efficient a building is in terms of electricity usage and its associated carbon emissions.

How to Use Navigating the Module

Use the interactive dashboard to select different buildings or regions. Interpreting the Data: The data is presented in an easy-to-understand table. Hover over specific points for more detailed information. Comparative Analysis: Compare different buildings or time periods to understand trends and improvements in carbon efficiency.



  • How is the CO2 emission per square foot calculated?
  • It's calculated based on total Scope 1+2 emissions divided by the total square footage of the building.


  • Can I compare data across different buildings?
  • Yes, the module allows for comparative analysis across various parameters.

Additional Resources

You can compare your building's footprint with the world average and per city data available at City Carbon Footprints (https://www.citycarbonfootprints.info and https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/carbon-intensity-electricity?time=latest ) . This feature allows you to gauge your building's performance against broader benchmarks.
Carbon Intensity of Electiricity consumption in the world
Energy and GHG intensity of US states
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