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Emissions by Month

The graph showcases emissions by month, providing a dynamic and interactive visual representation of emissions data. At the top right of the graph, clients have the option to switch on and off each year, allowing them to focus on specific years of interest and analyze emissions trends over time.
The graph's x-axis represents the months of the year, while the y-axis represents the emission values. Each month is represented by a data point, and the line connecting these points illustrates the emission pattern throughout the year.
Clients can further refine their analysis by applying filters. They can choose to view emissions for specific years, facilities, scopes, or categories by toggling the relevant options. This flexibility allows for a more targeted and customized examination of emissions data based on specific criteria.
By interacting with the graph, clients can gain insights into emission fluctuations over time, identify peak emission periods, and compare emissions between different years, facilities, scopes, or categories. This information can guide decision-making, facilitate emission reduction strategies, and support sustainability initiatives.
Overall, the graph provides a user-friendly and informative visualization of emissions by month, empowering clients to analyze their emissions data effectively and make informed decisions to drive environmental sustainability.