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Data Entry Page

Within the "Measure" menu, specifically under the "Data Entry" section, you gain the capability to meticulously input and manage data for each distinct module. These modules are constructed with a minimum of one or more specialized emission calculation engines, each designed to address specific facets of your carbon accounting process.
These engines are categorized into various classes, including "Facility," "Employee," "Supply Chain," "Sold Products," and "Hospitality." Every class encapsulates a series of calculation engines that facilitate data entry.
This process offers the flexibility to manually input data or to streamline the process through the efficient upload of information using Excel or CSV templates. This versatile functionality empowers you to efficiently engage with various components of your carbon footprint assessment, ensuring accurate and comprehensive emissions data across all relevant areas of your organization.
On Data Entry Page, you will find different Modules, at 4 different category
  • Facility
  • Employee
  • Supply Chain
  • Sold Products
  • Hospitality